CoderNorth is an online platform built to protect and promote Indigenous history.

Working at UXGent Limited, I took control of building the front-end aspect of this project. From capturing data from the backend API to deciding what was needed in terms of functionality on the front-end and building it out.

This was a multi-faceted role employing all aspects of front-end, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and React. I chose Material-UI as the skeleton to build upon and styled using SCSS, Mixins and creating digital assets based on designs from the UI Team.

The mapping aspect was a role I shared with the Lead Developer, and we worked to bring the life the cultural history of the indigenous people by creating a living map that allows people to plot locations of importance and attach Video, Audio and Photos along with descriptions of the location.

Working with the client we released the application while on-location in New Brunswick, working directly with the Tobique nation so we could create something perfectly suited that promotes their interests and cultural history.